Buy Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scale -White Online at Best Price in Kuwait

Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 Scale -White

Buy Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor Online at Best Price in Kuwait

Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2


  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Product Type :Temperature and Humidity Monitor
  • Intelligent Linkage Equipment
  • LED Digital Display
  • Low Consumption
  • High Precision Sensor
  • Convenient
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Accurate mastery of indoor temperature and humidity is a significant demand for pet owners, parents of infants and children. Convenient control of your home’s thermostat is now literally at your fingertips. Xiaomi Thermostat can realize the intelligent linkage with other Mi equipment, which can automatically open and adjust the air-conditioning, fan, humidifier and other equipment. You will never worry about cold mornings or hot afternoons with this thermostatDetect temperature and humidity changes: 

  • Temperature and humidity are closely related to our health. Sudden changes can lead to dry mouth, colds, fever, allergies and discomfort. Mijia thermometer and hygrometer can perceive temperature and humidity changes for you.
  • Smart Devices Connect to Mijia Bluetooth Network: Hot weather, automatic air conditioning Certain temperatures are reached in the Mijia app. , Turn the air conditioning on or off automatically
  • Special mode for baby: Designed the mode for baby. When the temperature or humidity exceeds the baby’s comfort, Mijia APP automatically reminds you of the suggestions to tackle and gives you the opportunity to give you and your family a smarter guardian.
  • Very accurate: Built-in Swiss feeling, high precision, not to miss the temperature of 0.1 °C and the humidity of 1% relative humidity, remind you and your family in time
  • Data storage, changes you can check: Open the Mijia app and add Mijia Bluetooth temperature and humidity meter 2 to display the temperature and humidity change curve in real time. The data of temperature and humidity changes are stored in the thermometer body and in the cloud


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